The ULTIMATE Paleo Recipe Guide

The ULTIMATE Paleo Recipe Guide

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Inspired by the Paleo diet and lifestyle, our ULTIMATE Paleo Recipe Guide features recipes focusing on fresh, natural, wholesome foods that provide nutrient-dense benefits and promote health and wellness without sacrificing taste. Every dish avoids using processed or refined foods including grains, beans, artificial or refined sugars, and most pasteurized dairy products. We focusing on only the freshest vegetables, the juiciest fruits, and protein-rich eggs, meats, and nuts.

The ULTIMATE Paleo Recipe Guide features unique, delicious and easy to follow paleo recipes for the ULTIMATE side dishes, egg dishes, and desserts including: Poached Eggs with Quick–Sautéed Asparagus and Crispy Prosciutto, Maple Glazed Peppercorn Bacon, Fresh Brussels Sprout and Apple Slaw, Carrot Cake with Coconut Whipped Cream Frosting … and much, much more!

Evona is a passionate foodie, entrepreneur and the founder of Undiscovered Kitchen, a digital farmer’s market for small batch, specialty foods! She loves discovering new foods from around the country and talking to the artisans who make them.

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