The Suzlyfe: Grab Your Nightly Ice Cream, Put On Some Compression & Let’s Chat!

The Suzlyfe: Grab Your Nightly Ice Cream, Put On Some Compression & Let’s Chat!


Susie, the name and face behind Suzlyfe has one of the the most amazing taglines we’re ever read, “Grab your nightly ice cream, put on some compression, and let’s chat.” You had me at nightly ice cream Susie!

Who is Susie? “I run, I write, I opine, I cook, I eat. I live my lyfe as best I can, showing myself, others, and Crohn’s Disease just who wears the Brooks in this relationship …” She’s pursuing her dreams and dragging her husband along for the ride! You can find Susie around the health and fitness community at #SwirlGear #girlsgonesporty #teamstellar #imfitpossible #Sweatpink and #Ramblen. She’s also one of Undiscovered Kitchen’s partners in our New Year New You, Ultimate Fitness Giveaway!

Looking for normal? Run-of-the-mill? You won’t find it here! Susie is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer but she’s NOT your typical runner or your typical lifter which means she’s NOT your typical trainer either! We especially love her unique “Long Run Series,” which is a series of posts about issues and thoughts related to running, fitness pursuits, and surviving the marathon that is the Suzlyfe.

These posts are meant to be humorous (her personality shines through in every post!), serious, and most of all, from the heart. You’ll find “Technical Posts” like Fueling and Active Recovery; The Long Run 1, “What Fitness has Taught Me” posts like Marathon Mindset, “Dealing with Injury” posts like Plantar Fasciitis (which I know ALL too well!), “The Mental Side” posts like Living the Suzlyfe and “Race Reports” like Rock and Roll Chicago 2013.

And if you’re hungry, check out In Your Gullet, with recipes like:

Gluten, Dairy Free Chocolate PB Zucchini Oat Protein Bread:gluten-dairy-free-zucchini-oat-protein-bread-suzlyfe Undiscovered Kitchen

Eggplant Lasagna Trifle:eggplant-lasagna-trifle-suzlyfe-gluten-free Undiscovered Kitchen

Peach Protein Yogurt Cake (Gluten Free, Egg Free):peach-protein-yogurt-cake-suzlyfe Undiscovered Kitchen

Need some Suzlyfe in your lyfe? You may want to start here:

When did you start your blog? 

November 25, 2013

What inspired you to start your blog?  

The need to do something for myself, to nurture and grow when I was at a point in my life when I felt lost, emotionally, mentally, and with regards to my career.

What’s the goal/mission of your blog?

To realize what it means to live life fully, beyond expectation–my own, my body’s, other’s–and to help others realize that they can as well through a healthy diet of nutrition, fitness, and a whole lot of ice cream and nonsense.

Is your blog your full time job? If not, how do you balance your time?

It isn’t – balance can be hard at times, but I take advantage of my time in the mornings, lunch, and evenings when my husband is at work.

Any funny/memorable rookie mistakes or lessons learned along the way?

Oh, I still make many of them! Luckily, from the very beginning, I made sure to say that I don’t make any claims on the long term direction of my blog – these are the chronicles of my life, and they promise to be unpredictable! My big rookie mistake was not getting my photography on point early on (and something I’m still struggling with) Tip: Never say never!!!!

How do you keep a healthy mind? 

Perspective. You can’t control all situations in life, just your reactions.

How do you keep a healthy body? 

By listening to it. Some times it will cry wolf, sometimes it really does need the rest – by listening to it and getting in tune with it, you can learn to decipher the two!

How do you keep a healthy spirit? 

Laughter and balance. Self explanatory!

What’s your secret to staying motivated?

Perspective – keep your eye on what is important, and know that a series of little steps can ultimately result in a marathon!

What are 3-5 of your favorite fitness/health related products?

  • My water bottle! I keep one filled at work and at home. Hydration is important for us all – especially when we are in training!
  • Foam roller or lacrosse ball – Nothing hurts as good like getting those knots out. After a good session, I feel so much looser and like I’ve been released.
  • Compression wear – When you sit at a desk all day, anything to promote good circulation is greatly appreciated.
  • Food scale – From baking to learning portion sizes (or, heck, weighing your packages!), nothing beats a food scale for health.
  • Properly fitting apparel – from shoes to a good bra (and sometimes, you still have to get covered in Body Glide!)

What are 3-5 of your favorite small batch food companies?

What’s your “secret ingredient” in the kitchen and why?

JUST ONE??? Cruel…. I would say that salt and pepper are two of the most basic secret ingredients (nothing beats proper seasoning), but my “secret weapons” are Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and grainy mustard.

What are your favorite foodie blogs/sites for recipe inspiration?

Cotter Crunch– Love Lindsey and her creativity!

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Protein Muffinsdark-chocolate-protein-marshmallow-muffins- suzlyfe Undiscovered Kitchen

Fit Foodie Mama – Love me Annmarie!

White Bean, Broccoli Rabi & Prosciutto PizzaProsciutto-Pizza suzlyfe Undiscovered Kitchen

Tina Muir – A great blogging friend, amazing athlete, and fabulous chef.

No Bake Peanut Butter Banana Cookiessuzlyfe Undiscovered Kitchen

Imma Eat That – Because, you know that Imma Eat that!

Less Slutty Browniessuzlyfe Undiscovered Kitchen

North and South Nomads – Incredible photography and drool worthy recipes.

Quinoa Breakfast Porridgesuzlyfe Undiscovered Kitchen

Almost Getting it Together – Another great blog friend and recipe developer.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frostingsuzlyfe Undiscovered Kitchen

What are your 3 of your best or favorite posts of all time?

Suzlyfe Recipe Undiscovered Kitchen Blog

Given all the time, tools and fresh ingredients, what would you love to try in the kitchen?

  • Souffle. One day, I will create a healthy and accessible version of this!
  • Pizza from scratch (no room in a tiny kitchen, haha)
  • Fancy French pastry. I’ll never make it, but I will pretend.

What recipe have you been dying to master but still can’t get exactly right?

ANYTHING involving coconut flour. For some reason, it just doesn’t like me! But I can cook with protein powder like a champ!

What 3 items can’t you live without?

  • IN THE KITCHEN: saute pan, microwavable dishes, a really good knife and cutting board
  • IN LIFE: my husband, my cat, my mom
  • IN THE BATHROOM: excellent moisturizer, Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, Coach Signature Perfume
  • IN THE GYM: See above!

What are you excited to or hope to achieve in 2015?

A Boston Qualifying Marathon!



Evona is a passionate foodie, entrepreneur and the founder of Undiscovered Kitchen, a digital farmer’s market for small batch, specialty foods! She loves discovering new foods from around the country and talking to the artisans who make them.

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