NEW! Sweet Lydias Gourmet Chocolate Covered and Hand Fluffed S’MORES!

New On Undiscovered Kitchen a digital farmers market for small batch artisan food and gifts-66

The adult-sized school-girl inside of me is JUMPING WITH JOY! Sweet Lydia’s handcrafted and hand fluffed s’mores (now on Undiscovered Kitchen) are more delicious than we ever imagined possible, elevated in flavor and DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE! … and you don’t even need to build a fire! Sweet Lydia’s started out as an experiment in Lydia’s kitchen for care […]

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NEW! First Ever U.S Grown and U.S. Crafted Biodynamic Marinara

NEW! First ever U.S grown and U.S. crafted Nello’s Biodynamic Marinara Sauce Undiscovered Kitchen Digital Farmers Market for Artisan Food and Gifts

MAKING TOMATO SAUCE HISTORY!  Nello’s *NEW* Heirloom Biodynamic Marinara is an innovative farm to table marinana based on Nello’s principles of sustainability and pioneering spirit! Their goal was to produce “the world’s most exceptional jarred tomato sauce in the U.S. out of N.C. soil and by N.C. hands” … and that’s EXACTLY what they’ve done! WHAT MAKES […]

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Undiscovered Kitchen’s ULTIMATE Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List!

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guides Undiscovered Kitchen a digital farmers market for artisan food and gifts-32

Tis the season… This week the Undiscovered Kitchen team of foodies has been up to our eyeballs in gifts preparing our ULTIMATE gift guide for EVERYONE on your list (ok, almost everyone!) From chocolate lovers to breakfast fanatics and foodies with a love of cocktails (yes please!) Help us support and empower the incredible Undiscovered Kitchen artisan makers – shop local […]

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Meet San Diego’s Sugar Mamma! Handmade Caramels

Sugar Mamma Caramels Undiscovered Kitchen A Digital Farmers Market For Small Batch Artisan Food and Gifts

Since 2009, Sugar Mamma founder and confectioner, Nancy Flint, had been gifting family and friends with her signature Sea Salt Caramels every Christmas.  Encouraged by their “oohing and ahhing” each year, Nancy entered a local candy making contest and won!  The award led to a local TV spot and a small CFO (Cottage Food Operation) was born! […]

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One Cocoa Source. Two Ingredients. Three Delicious Chocolate Bars. #NEWONUDK

Nibble Chocolate NEW ON UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN A Digital Farmers Market For Small Batch Artisan Food And Gifts

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on your favorite chocolate bar? So called “food substances” like soy lecithin and polyglycerol polyricinoleate sound more like cleaning products than anything we should be eating, don’t they? Still, cutting out sweets would make for a pretty miserable life for this chocolate enthusiast! Luckily, when I stumbled upon Nibble Chocolate at […]

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Best Kept Secret from South Wales #NEWONUDK

Copper Kettle Bakery NEW ON UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN A Digital Farmers Market For Small Batch Artisan Food And Gifts

I’m experiencing some major FOMO symptoms! Fresh off the morning griddle, Wales has a long tradition of serving Welsh Cakes for breakfast and we’ve ALL been missing out! Imagine combining your favorite elements of a pancake, a scone, and a biscuit – Now toss in some chocolate chips, currants, or cranberries, and suddenly you’ve struck gold! But who has the time for experimental batches? […]

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Discover the Benefits of Virgin Milk Thistle Oil #NEWONUDK

Erbology London organic superfoods NEW ON UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN A Digital Farmers Market For Small Batch Artisan Food And Gifts Erbology London

Is it just me or has reading food news in recent years gotten harder and induced paranoia of sickness and disease? Thankfully, at Undiscovered Kitchen, we work with many artisan makers on a mission to use whole foods and minimal processing to FUEL our bodies, not fight against them!  Introducing Organic, Wholesome & Delicious: Erbology London, making organic superfruit and plant-based products like Sea Buckthorn […]

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Dreaming of Hangover-LESS mornings? #NEWONUDK


We’ve got the “Ficks” for you! Ficks All Natural Cocktail Fortifier is infused with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants to fortify your body with what is lost during alcohol metabolization. Just add a splash of Ficks Lemon or Lime to ANY cocktail to protect against a roughmorning after for an easier tomorrow! Bottled in small batches in California’s […]

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New on Undiscovered Kitchen! Gourmet Artisan Gift Boxes

Gourmet Artisan Energy Snacks Box UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN a digital farmers market for small batch artisan food and gifts

We are SO EXCITED to announce our brand spankin new collection of Gourmet Artisan Gift Boxes, carefully curated with small batch products from Undiscovered Kitchen makers across the country! Gourmet Artisan Energy Snacks Box These heart healthy snacks will give you energy and stamina you need throughout the day, while working out and simply when your running short […]

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Guide to Grilling: BBQ Fruit Hacks!

Guide to Grilling 5 Ways to Incorporate Fruit into Your Barbecue UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN DIGITAL FARMERS MARKET FOR SMALL BATCH ARTISAN GIFTS.jpg5

Nothing says “summer” like dinner prepared on the grill. Add some fun to your barbecue with these fruit-inspired ideas! Paired with exotic barbecue sauces and seasonings, your dishes will be the talk of the season. We’ve got the secrets on how to infuse your next get-together with the freshest flavors of summer! CHOOSING THE RIGHT OIL […]

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Our Ultimate Fitness Giveaway Winner!


The moment we’ve all been waiting for! We’re SO excited to announce our Ultimate Fitness Giveaway winner* and announce a SURPRISE GIVEAWAY! WIN MORE: Thanks to the amazing team at ActivewearUSA we’re giving away another $100 worth of fitness gear to one of our Sweaty Nation followers! Follow us HERE to enter for your chance to win! OUR […]

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