NEW! Switchel energy drink dates back to the Colonial Era!

NEW! Switchel energy drink dates back to the Colonial Era!

Ever feel like juicing is taking over the world? Store shelves are quite literally overflowing with juices claiming to do just about everything short of promising immortality, but the truth is, many of these juices are filled with TONS of sugar and little actual health benefits! UP MOUNTAIN SWITCHEL Undiscovered Kitchen Digital Farmers Market For Small Batch Artisan Food and Gifts


That’s why I’m excited to introduce Up Mountain Switchel, an all natural energy drink and root based beverage with a rich history in American tradition! It’s crafted with fresh ginger root, raw organic apple cider vinegar and 100% Vermont maple syrup from farmers in the northeast! These ingredients are extremely powerful for your body – you can heat it up to treat a sore throat, drink it cold during your workout for an energy boost, use it as a base for salad dressing and even use it as a cocktail mixer! Available in 3 hydrating flavors:

Original: 4-Pack: Up Mountain Switchel

Maté: 4-Pack Up Mountain Maté Switchel

Lemon: 4-Pack Up Mountain Lemon Switchel


Switchel dates all the way back to the early colonial era when New England farmhands spent their days pitching hay in the hot summer sun and drank Switchel to quench their thirst and boost their energy! Switchel had been a drink of the past until Ely Key and Garrett Rible began brewing it again in 2012 using an old family recipe. 

They have since perfected the recipe incorporating fresh ingredients (which were previously only available in preserved form) to produce the FRESHEST and most DELICIOUS Switchel ever! So drink up!

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