Meet Our NEW YEAR NEW YOU! Partners

Meet Our NEW YEAR NEW YOU! Partners


UPDATE: This giveaway has ended! Congratulations to our winners!! We announce new foodie giveaways on our instagram – follow us and stay tuned!


The goal of our NEW YEAR NEW YOU campaign and Ultimate Fitness Giveaway is to connect with the health and fitness community and to encourage a positive step in 2015 toward a renewed life, finding energy and motivation, challenging yourself and creating a healthy body, mind and spirit! This includes healthy living through food and fitness, exciting new recipes, workouts, fit fashion and more!

To help us achieve our goals, we’ve partnered with some fantastic health and fitness bloggers and small batch food artisans around the country. Throughout the campaign we’ll be sharing their tips for a NEW YEAR NEW YOU – Check out and learn more about all of our awesome partners below:


ActivewearUSA – ActivewearUSA offers the largest selection of women’s high performance, stylish activewear, footwear and accessories perfect for Yoga, Fitness, Workouts, Zumba, Nia, Pilates, Kick Boxing and for when you just need to look and feel great! Activewear is not only focused on providing high quality gear, they’re also committed to a social mission to increase community involvement by sponsoring women’s fitness-focused groups all over the country. ActivewearUSA was founded by Avi Woolman, a wife, mom, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur who’s goal it is to inspire women to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Avi personally selects and uses all of the brands sold on ActivewearUSA – She refuses to offer anything that she doesn’t use herself while practicing Yoga, running or working out. Follow Avi on Sweaty Nation and Follow ActivewearUSA on Twitter/Facebook.

NEW YEAR NEW YOU SWEATY NATION-46Sweaty Nation is a community of fitness lovers encouraging, inspiring and being inspired by each other, each and every day. It’s a community of yogis, fitness instructors, triathletes, cyclists, hikers, climbers, skiers, pilates instructors, dancers, racquetball players and fitness lovers of all kinds – here to encourage each other to make healthy choices and lead active, healthy active lives. Sweaty Nation is a platform designed to amplify your health an wellness message, widen your support circle, and inspire your active lifestyle. Join & Get Inspired: Follow: Undiscovered Kitchen on Sweaty Nation


Enerchi Bites – Enerchi Bites is a Boston based food company. Their products are healthy, tasty all natural snacks that comes in bite-sized portions, so you can eat just what you want and save—or share—the rest. The founders Annie and Marla are both originally from NJ but have made Boston their home for the last 3 plus years. Annie recently left her full-time work in investment management to focus on building enerchi bites and work as a part-time yoga teacher. Marla is the enerchi bites creator and also teaches yoga part-time. You can find Annie and Marla biking and running around Boston, shopping in the city’s farmers markets, and attending local entrepreneurial events. Follow on Twitter/Facebook and read the rest of their story! (Shop Enerchi Bites on Undiscovered Kitchen)

ULTIMATE SUPERFOOD GIVEAWAY PARTNERS COGNITEA | UNDISCOVERED KITCHENCogniTea – CogniTea is an all-natural tea that is a healthier, smarter alternative to coffee and energy drinks without the typical jitters, headache, or crash. CogniTea is made with 100 mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid extracted from green tea, and is crafted to make you feel alert and energized while being centered and focused. Founder Alex Kravets is on a mission to motivate and support people who are ambitious, resilient, and persistent in the pursuit of their goals. He’s been involved with a handful of startups and love building things from scratch. CogniTea combines his passion for entrepreneurship with his passion for helping others achieve their goals. Follow on Twitter/Facebook and read the rest of Alex’s story! (Shop CogniTea on Undiscovered Kitchen)

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN - SIMPLE SQUARESSimple Squares – Simple Squares are organic and paleo nutrition bars infused with vanilla and herbs. They don’t claim to be an energy bar, a lifestyle bar, or a protein bar – they do it all and they keep it simple – because great tasting food should be just that! Simple Squares have 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber and contain no wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, corn or refined sugars and are CERTIFIED Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Paleo & Kosher. Kimberly Crupi Dobbins the creator and Chief Square of Simple Squares, launched the company in 2011. She believes that delicious, good-for-you snacks need not be complicated which is what fueled her desire to conceive the Simple Square. Follow on Twitter/Facebook and read the rest of Kimberly’s story! (Shop Simple Squares on Undiscovered Kitchen)

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN - PROCAKESProCakes – ProCakes is a fitness inspired company that provides healthy, satiating and delicious ways for active people to start their day or fuel their workouts. Their high protein baking mixes are mindfully macro-balanced and provides a healthy alternative to traditional comfort food. Each mix offers a healthy dose of carbs, fats and proteins – the building blocks for a strong, lean body. Caren Magill, creator of ProCakes, is a certified fitness trainer and nutrition expert. Follow on Twitter/Facebook and read the rest of Caren’s story! (Shop ProCakes on Undiscovered Kitchen)

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN - SPROUT NOURISHMENTSprout Nourishment Sprout Nourishment started as a way for the Sprout team to help their friends and family take steps towards a healthier future. Just like a small sprout grows and flourishes into something great, the Sprout team knows you can too – and they want to help you do it. Sprout Nourishment sell their own nutrition products including energy squares and protein bars, wellness and nutrition services, and personal training and consulting. Jaci Salley, Sprout Nourishment owner, is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Her education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, fitness coaching and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and her knowledge of different dietary theories, she also works with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. The Sprout Nourishment team and company motto is to eat healthy, exercise often, and live well! Follow on Twitter/Facebook and read the rest of their story! (Shop Sprout Nourishment on Undiscovered Kitchen)

ULTIMATE SUPERFOOD GIVEAWAY PARTNERS TASTYMAKES | UNDISCOVERED KITCHENTastyMakes – TastyMakes makes raw healthy snacks that provide energy, increased mental clarity, and better sleep. TastyMakes uses all raw, organic, sprouted, and hand- selected ingredients that meet the highest standards of quality. Everything is simply-made using slow dehydration done at a low temperature to keep all of the essential vitamins and enzymes resulting in healthy snacks that provide all of the nutrition and vitality you need – naturally, and simply delicious. Tastymakes was founded by Melissa & Ignazio Lacitignola. Melissa is a raw food certified chef, who has experienced first hand the healing powers of raw natural foods. This led her to find her passion and ultimately her purpose in life which is to prepare, share and teach others how to incorporate more living foods in their daily diet. Ignazio is known as the head taste-tester. However, and more importantly, his passion for User Experience and Design has shaped the TastyMakes site look and feel. Follow on Twitter/Facebook! (Shop TastyMakes on Undiscovered Kitchen)

ULTIMATE SUPERFOOD GIVEAWAY PARTNERS PERFECT FUEL CHOCOLATE | UNDISCOVERED KITCHENPerfect Fuel Chocolate – Perfect Fuel Chocolate’s mission is to make energy convenient, organic, and healthy. They make high quality products for health and happiness through pure, sustainable, and healthy living products that fit our modern lifestyle. They are dedicated to living life to it’s fullest, spreading joy, and finding joy in our work and play. Founders Nicolas Warren and Miles Masci met at Tavern on the Square in Porter Square, Cambridge (MA) at a friends birthday. Nicolas is passionate about health and entrepreneurship and combining his love for business, healthy food and sports,he’s focused on creating the “perfect snack for healthy, active life.” Miles who has worked with cocoa farmers in Ecuador during his time in the Peace Corps earned his MBA from Babson in 2011 and joined Nicolas in his mission for creating Perfect Fuel Chocolate. Follow on Twitter/Facebook and read the rest of their story! (Shop Perfect Fuel on Undiscovered Kitchen)

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-ERICA FINDS BLOGGERErica Finds – Erica Agran is an avid runner, bargain hunter, wife, traveler, wellness seeker, an inflexible yogi on a quest to find the best, healthiest and tastiest food and running fuel. Everyone is good at something, and for Erica, she’s great at connecting people with one another and with the things they are looking for. She loves to go to new places, meet new people and try new products – she especially loves exploring the best food and art in Chicago, IL. In her “real life,” she works in health IT for a San Francisco based company and is married to a car enthusiast for over a dozen years (but she hates to drive). Follow Erica on Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!

ULTIMATE SUPERFOOD GIVEAWAY PARTNERS KELLY THE CULINARIAN | UNDISCOVERED KITCHENKelly The Culinarian – Kelly works in public relations and social media. When she’s not working, she’s baking, running and training for triathlons. Her and her husband loves to travel, try new restaurants and grocery shop for new foods. Her favorite ingredients are chocolate, oatmeal and peanut butter. She’s never one to pass on chocolate, and believes a life of balance is the only one worth living. She runs hard so she can eat hard. Kelly The Culinarian is on a mission to enjoy the best life has to offer. She shares recipes, giveaways, training plans and healthy lifestyle pursuits all geared toward creating and empowering a balanced life. Follow Kelly on Twitter/Facebook!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN - BREATHE DEEPLY AND SMILE LAURENBreathe Deeply and Smile – Lauren is a girl trying to navigate through her mid-twenties in Charm City, MD. She’s a marathoner, runner lady, hippie at heart, sweet tooth, panda enthusiast, and blogger trying to balance healthy living and enjoying life without all the stress! She’s trying to figure out what she wants to do and letting the journey of life continue to surprise her. One day Lauren hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. For now she’s happy running races, drinking craft beer with friends, and finding the beauty in everyday! Her blog shares her journey of learning to live a more happy and healthy life, while not sweating the small stuff and never passing up dessert! Life is too short to not go after what you want and achieve your dreams. Lauren posts about healthy living tips, recipes, favorite finds, snacks, Baltimore events, things that make her smile, race recaps, and more! She loves trying to put a positive spin on things that may be getting her down. Remember to breathe deeply and smile because today is a beautiful day! Follow Lauren on Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN THE FIT COOKIE AND FIT BETTYFit Betty & The Fit Cookie – Sarah Jane Parker is a wife, mom of 2, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health and fitness writer and blogger! She believes exercise can be fun and adventurous and loves helping people enjoy it as a long term and fulfilling part of their lives! She also believes that healthy food can be delicious and simple! Sarah has 2 blogs: The Fit Cookie and Fit Betty. The Fit Cookie is focused on healthy, allergy-friendly recipes and food for special diets and Fit Betty is all about fitness and health. Her goal with both blogs is to help people find fun and simplicity in fitness and healthy eating. She encourages progress, not perfection – small steps and small changes matter! Follow Sarah on Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-LAKE SHORE RUNNER BLOGGERLake Shore Runner – Sara lives in Chicago and is currently attending Northwestern University to get her masters in Sports Administration. She’s writing her thesis on sponsorship in the endurance industry. Other than running and working out, she loves peanut butter, making new recipes, trying new restaurants, her dog Tayshaun, brunch with friends, country music/concerts, and all things Detroit – where she grew up! She moved from running on Lake Shore Dr. in her hometown to running on the Lake Shore path – which is how Lake Shore Runner got it’s name! What started as just a hobby has turned now into a passion project that has allowed Sara to connect with other like fitness-minded people while sharing workouts, training programs, recipes, and so much more. Follow Sara on Twitter/Instagram/SweatyNation!

She Rocks Fitness NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-SHE ROCKS FITNESS BLOGGERKatie, owner of She Rocks Fitness, lives in Houston, TX, with her sweet puppy Lucy. She is a runner, yogi, cyclist, and lover of healthy food, wine, cupcakes, and dogs. She loves to travel; be by the ocean; and spend as much time as possible during the summer on Nantucket Island. If she’s not training clients, blogging, dreaming BIG, or working out, you’ll find her cooking, reading, walking Lucy, and shopping online (I’m working on improving my “other” wardrobe in 2015). Katie graduated from the College of William and Mary, with a BS and Major in Kinesiology and is a certified NASM trainer; TRX Suspension Trainer, and also a certified Yoga Instructor. She Rocks Fitness specializes in at-home training, boot camps, & online training and is also a blog that provides workouts, healthy recipes, product reviews, inspiration, and a glimpse into her personal journey – Strong Is Beautiful! Follow Katie on Twitter/Facebook!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-SUZLYFESuzlyfe – Susie, the woman behind Suzlyfe is a twenty-something, over-educated, redefined, and opinionated sharing her stories of struggle and triumph in life, running shoes, and the kitchen. Born and raised in Atlanta with tenures in Charlottesville, VA, and Manhattan, she’s now living in Chicago with her physician husband, crazy cat, and wild ideas. She inspires others despite having been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and live’s life to it’s fullest proclaiming that her diagnosis has never stood a chance in holding her back. The Suzlyfe is all about her life and the way she lives it – in my all my “Suz” ness. Throughout the week, she shares experiences, quandaries, lots of food, running, and a bunch of nonsense. In her recipes she aims for big flavor, excellent nutrition, ease of execution, husband approval, and to be as stomach-friendly as possible (she also always includes modifications for dietary restrictions). This is the chronicle of her journey to live beyond expectation: her own, her body’s, or others. Follow Susie on Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-INDEPENDENTInDependent – InDependent’s contributors, the majority of whom are military spouses, range from fitness trainers and nutritionists, to published authors and subject-matter experts who offer support and advice on health and wellness. InDependent started out as a far-fetched dream – a “what if” – among six spouses who believed they could make a positive impact within their military community. With over 40 years of combined military spouse experience, they understand firsthand the burden of frequent relocations, mission-related stress, deployments/long-term field rotations, and isolation/loneliness. InDependent’s mission is to create a thriving community of military spouses that supports preventative wellness by inspiring each other to make health and wellness a priority by being active, eating well, managing stress, and building community. Their team of six volunteers set out to develop a social, supportive, and informative community by utilizing their professional backgrounds and innovative technology. The campaign went live in late 2013 and is fiscally sponsored by Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc., who provides administrative support, including a 501(c)(3) designation. InDependent’s bloggers have been featured on Army Wife Network, MilitaryOneSource, Operation Live Well, Good Enough Mother, ActivewearUSA magazine, and Mind Body Green. Follow InDependent on Twitter/Facebook and follow Kimberly, Editor-in-Chief of the Independent on Sweaty Nation and if you’re in Virginia join the Merrifield Virginia city page!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-YOU SIGNED UP FOR WHATYou Signed Up For WHAT?! – Cynthia is a working mom of three young kids in the DC area who lost 50 pounds through fitness and healthy eating – and who transformed her life in the process. With a challenging but rewarding job in performing arts management, she balances work, home life, travel, healthy eating, and personal fitness goals. “You Signed Up For WHAT?!” is the standard response she gets when she tells friends and family about her latest encounter with the “Register Now!” button. Her blog, You Signed Up For WHAT?!, is for anyone who has ever had a big goal whether it be a race, a health goal, or needs help finding ME time in the chaos of life. Cynthia shares tips for fitting in exercise (from her experience as a busy working mom), healthy recipes, running-related information and recaps, and advice for new and experienced triathletes. Follow Cynthia on Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-A HEALTHIER FITTER MEA Healthier Fitter Me – Yaitza, created of A Healthier Fitter Me, is a mother, military wife and former Staff Accountant and passionate about family, health and fitness. Yaitza started her blog as a form of documenting her journey with weigh loss. In the process, she fell in love with health and fitness and decided to become a Personal Trainer and to share her passion with others. She writes health and fitness posts every Monday & Wednesday, Instagram workouts every Tuesday and YouTube videos every Friday. Follow Yaitza on Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-MARCIA'S HEALTHY SLICEMarcia’s Healthy Slice – Marcia is a Chicago-area writer and avid running mom of 2 girls. She’s a 6x marathoner, 2x Boston Marathoner and budding triathlete. She hopes to inspire her readers to try new things, get out of their comfort zone and embrace all life has to offer.Marcia’s Healthy Slice takes a spirited, light-hearted approach to fitness and the day-to-day trials and tribulations of a family with an active lifestyle. Marcia shares workouts, healthy recipes, product reviews and tips and tricks for balancing it all! Follow Marcia: Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!

NEW YEAR NEW YOU PARTNERS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN-RUNNING WITH THE GIRLSRunning With The Girls – A mother of two kids ages 6 and 11, wife to a marathoner, and a high school math teacher, Jen is a 3 time marathoner who finds her happy place while running. She is currently training for marathon #4 this spring. Motivating her kids and those around her to be fit and happy is what drives her. Last summer Jen started the youth track team and is currently volunteering her time as an indoor track coach for the high school team. Running With The Girls started out as a training log and a place to write about running with my girlfriends. It has since morphed into so much more but the purpose still stands – to share her stories and training with hopes of reaching others in similar situations and to help others feel their own drive to get out there and make things happen. Follow Jen on Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!

Running With SD Mom – At the age of 35, Smitha decided to loose weight and to keep it off! She laced up her brand new running shoes and while the first time around, she (almost) made it around the block, a short year and a half later, she’s completed 7 Half Marathons, a 10 miler and many 5 & 10Ks. Smitha is a staple in the San Diego running community and is an active co-leader of the local chapter of “Moms Run This Town”. She is looking forward to completing her first full Marathon in 2015 and chronicles all of her adventures on her blog, Running With SD Mom. Follow Smitha on Twitter/Facebook/Sweaty Nation!


Evona is a passionate foodie, entrepreneur and the founder of Undiscovered Kitchen, a digital farmer’s market for small batch, specialty foods! She loves discovering new foods from around the country and talking to the artisans who make them.