Hand picked from the Spartan mountainside in Greece!

Hand picked from the Spartan mountainside in Greece!

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I still can’t believe how awesome these products are! Combining the most natural flavors straight from the earth with the INCREDIBLE history of Sparta, Greece, we’re SO excited to work with The Spartan Table! 

If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a brief Sparta 101: Back in 478 BC, under the guidance of King Leonidas, 300 heroic Spartans were instrumental in stopping the tide of 100,000 Persian warriors on their way to annihilate their home. It is this natural Spartan resilience that Jenny Koniditsioti, founder of The Spartan Table, merges with cuisine using the bounty from her family’s olive groves and wild herbs growing in the ridges of the Taygetos Mountains, a protected area of Spartì.


SHEPHERD’S GREEK MOUNTAIN TEA: This tea is hand-picked from Mountain Parnonas in Lakonia, at elevations over 4000 feet. This rare tea is also known as “Shepherd’s Tea” because Greek shepherds would use the plants to make a brewed tea while tending to their flocks on the mountainside. It’s said to have a positive effect on almost anything that ails but, most notably, used for colds, respiratory problems, digestion, the immune system, mild anxiety, and as an anti-oxidant. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever. 

WILD FLOWER HONEY: Made from wild flowers and herbs growing on the sprawling mountain groves in Greece it originates from one man’s passion for bees. 20 years ago Vasilis started with just a few bee houses spending sleepless nights under the stars on the mountainside harvesting his honey from early March till the end of October. In just a few years his honey became very well known and eventually led to a collaboration with The Spartan Table.

HANDMADE GREEK OLIVE PASTE: Based on a traditional family recipe dating back to the early 1900’s and after years of experimenting, The Spartan Table had perfected their craft using only the best: olives and olive oil home grown on their family’s farms, wild oregano hand picked from Taygetos, and of course their Spartan secrets.

RAW SEA SALT DRIED NATURALLY AND HANDPICKED: Originates from the Mani area in Greece where it dries naturally before it’s sourced raw from the sea rocks. This sea salt is unrefined and contains 91 different essential minerals in perfect proportion containing trace elements that our bodies need to function properly.

HANDPICKED WILD GREEK OREGANO: Celebrate the best of Greek cuisine with Wild Greek Oregano grown on the mountainside of Taygetos (or Taygetus), harvested by hand, dried naturally and later crumbled by hand. This Wild Oregano is harvested by the elder women of the villages who get up very early each day to start their arduous climb up the Taygetos ridge. Every woman has her very own “best” area from which to harvest – The exact location however, remains a family secret passed on from mother to daughter, generation to generation. 

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