The Fit Cookie: Family, Fitness & Food

The Fit Cookie: Family, Fitness & Food


We got a chance to chat with Sarah Jane Parker a Wyoming native and the creator of The Fit Cookie, a food blog focused on healthy allergy-friendly recipes and Fit Betty, formally a fitness blog – since merged with Fit Cookie! Sarah is also one of Undiscovered Kitchen’s partners in our New Year New You, Ultimate Fitness Giveaway!

If you have food allergies in your family, you know how hard it can be to cook something for everyone. Look no further for allergy-friendly recipe inspiration that to The Fit Cookie! Sarah created The Fit Cookie in 2011 in order to share the allergy-friendly meals and desserts she created for herself and her kids, all of whom have various food allergies. Sarah hopes to encourage to find hope in challenging food circumstances. Her delicious recipes can accommodate almost any food allergy or preference, including gluten free, grain free, and vegan/vegetarian.

Sarah’s Allergy-Friendly Recipes:

No-Bake Trail Mix Cookies: Free of grain, eggs, dairy, soy, cane sugar, cornUndiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

Grain-Free Pumpkin Muffins: Free of dairy, eggs, soy, cane sugar, peanutsUndiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

Smoky Pumpkin Quinoa Chili: Free of dairy, soy, beans, eggs, tomatoesUndiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

Oreo Cookies with Coconut Sugar Filling: Free of dairy, eggs, soy, cane sugarUndiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

A year after creating The Fit Cookie, Sarah started her fitness blog, Fit Betty. The name “Betty” came from her husband, who calls her Betty when he’s being goofy (cute!) Because she lives in Wyoming, Sarah has access to plenty of fresh air and to places where she can do many outdoor activities.

On her Fit Betty blog she posts workouts she’s done and routines she’s created as idea generators and motivators! Her posts range from yoga to weight training to easy, every day workouts everyone can try!

Our favorite workouts on Fit Betty:

Sarah is also an ACSM certified personal trainer, Zumba instructor, R.I.P.P.E.D certified, and CPR certified – She works with clients on:

  • Personal training
  • Workout creation
  • Group fitness classes
  • Zumba
  • Health coaching

What inspired you to start your blog? 

For The Fit Cookie (my food blog) – My family has a lot of food allergies and intolerances. We had to get really creative with our cooking and I was remaking all of our favorite recipes and trying to find ones online that fit our diet. I finally decided to share some of my recipes and help other people who had the same diet challenges.

For Fit Betty (my fitness blog) – I was a group fitness instructor and was studying to get my ACSM Certified Personal Training certificate and I wanted to share practical and fun fitness tips with people.

What’s the goal/mission of your blog?

My goal with both of my blogs is to help people find simplicity and fun in fitness and healthy eating. I encourage progress, not perfection! Small steps and small changes matter. Professionally my goal for my blogs is to continue to grow them and be able to make a part-time income with them to help my family.

Is your blog your full time job? If not, how do you balance your time?

I work part time at personal training and group fitness and part time on my 2 blogs. I’ve found that I need to schedule my time to write, and I need to plan out my posts and blog activities otherwise I tend to lose focus and get distracted. I keep a blog to-do list on Asana for mysef to stay on track.

Any funny/memorable rookie mistakes or lessons learned along the way?

Trying to be someone else and not embracing my own voice was a mistake in the beginning. It’s easy to get in a comparison game when it comes to blogging and fitness, but you really need to find your own voice and be authentic. That is not to say you can’t look to others for ideas, but be true to yourself when you are writing.

How do you keep a healthy mind?

Reducing my stress levels by realizing that I don’t have control of other people and whether or not they like me. What I focus on is taking responsibility for MY actions and feelings. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions and feelings – only then will we be free of the stress of worrying about how people see us and we can truly be who we are meant to be.

How do you keep a healthy body?

Consistent exercise, striving to eat as best I can at the moment, and moving throughout the day, not just during formal exercise.

How do you keep a healthy spirit? 

Praying, reading my Bible, and spending time with others. You need a good support system of family and friends to have a healthy spirit. Constant isolation will starve your spirit!

What’s your secret to staying motivated?

Being grateful! When we really take stock of what we have (and stop wishing for things we don’t have), we can stay positive about life. There is always something to be thankful for! When you count your blessings, you will find motivation to keep moving forward. When we lose sight of our blessings and focus on what we don’t have, we can become bitter and angry.

What are 3-5 of your favorite fitness/health related products?

What are 3-5 of your favorite small batch food companies?

  1. Cocomels: Coconut milk caramels
  2. Cocogo: Coconut water with real fruit and electrolytes
  3. Found
  4. Awesome Bars: Granola bars

What’s your “secret ingredient” or what do you find yourself constantly using in the kitchen and why?

Canned coconut milk. It’s a great substitute for dairy and cream and sour cream in recipes and it’s good for you (if you don’t overdo it!).

What are your favorite foodie blogs/sites for recipe inspiration?

Chocolate Covered Katie – Thin Mint BrowniesChocolate Covered Katie I Undiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

Purely Twins  Chocolate Cupcakes with Cashew Banana FrostingUndiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

The Spunky Coconut  Braised Beef, Artichokes, and Peas StewUndiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

Chowstalker – Acai Smoothie BowlUndiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

What 3 of your best or favorite posts of all time?

Athletic Tape post and Interview (my first interview on my blog!)Undiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

Hello, My name is BeautifulUndiscovered Kitchen Blog I Fit Betty I The Fit Cookie

Letter to a Girl: A letter encouraging girls and women everywhere to love themselves inside and out and to remember that they are loved! Read it here

Given all the time, tools and fresh ingredients, what would you love to try in the kitchen?

Making my own non-dairy yogurt and making sprouts.

What recipe have you been dying to master but still can’t get exactly right?

A slow cooker roast – Anything I put in our slow cooker dries out!

What 3 items can’t you live without?

  1. Burt’s Bees chapstick
  2. Hand lotion
  3. My iphone!

What are you excited to or hope to achieve in 2015? 

Be more consistent with my workouts, complete my 2nd sprint triathlon and beat my time from last year, and grow my two blogs!

Sarah is also a part of these fitness and food organizations:



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