Erica Finds: Great Deals, Great Finds, and Everything in Between

Erica Finds: Great Deals, Great Finds, and Everything in Between


Meet Erica Agran, the runner, bargain hunter, wife, traveler, wellness seeker, and inflexible yogi behind Erica Finds. Her journey as a blogger and sharing new places, restaurants, exercise classes and great deals began in Chicago in 2012. Now, we’re super excited to collaborate with Erica on Undiscovered Kitchen’s Ultimate Fitness Giveaway!


Erica has always been great at finding the best bargains on anything and everything and connecting her friends with job opportunities, sales on hotels, clothes and so much more. Instead of just sharing her “finds” on Facebook, she’s created a blog to share her finds!

Erica has a whole section dedicated to websites that offer the best deals on shopping, travel, fitness, and for special deals on running. If you have a friend or family member who’s hard to shop for or who likes to find new and interesting products on a bargain, Erica Finds is a MUST read!

Erika has reviewed several Undiscovered Kitchen products on her blog:


What inspired you to start your blog?

I was the friend who always “found” deals, new places to go and things to try, and told everyone about them. So, I started off as a deal finder and over time, evolved into a lifestyle, health and wellness blogger who helps people discover new ideas, products, places and things.

What’s the goal/mission of your blog?

To share the best new (tried and true) products, ideas and information with readers in order to enrich their lives, spark their interest and make them feel good. And, occasionally to make them laugh!

Is your blog your full time job? If not, how do you balance your time?

No, I work in health IT. I blog in the evenings and early mornings. (Read: I don’t sleep much.) I do, however, have a unique system for capturing finds throughout the day.

Any funny/memorable rookie mistakes or lessons learned along the way?

I have made so many, I don’t know where to start. The most important, was technical. My wordpress was set up so that it would only showed the HTML version (not a visual writer) and I didn’t know any HTML. For almost a year, I “coded” my blog posts before my developer showed me how to switch the setting. Live and learn!

How do you keep a healthy mind?

Running, exercise and writing to get the feelings out!

How do you keep a healthy body?

Running, exercise and eating as many whole foods as possible.

How do you keep a healthy spirit?

Sharing finds, being with friends and family and connecting with people through my blog, my work and community.

What’s your secret to staying motivated?

Set goals and challenge myself to keep going. I am very motivated to stay fit and to connect.

What are 3-5 of your favorite fitness/health related products?

What are 3-5 of your favorite small batch food companies?

What’s your “secret ingredient” or what do you find yourself constantly using in the kitchen?

Butternut squash – I am obsessed with it!

What are your favorite foodie blogs/sites for recipe inspiration?

Oh She Glows – Flourless Breakfast CookiesERICA FINDS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN BLOG

Smitten Kitchen – Easiest Baked Mac and CheeseERICA FINDS UNDISCOVERED KITCHEN BLOG

Given all the time, tools and fresh ingredients, what would you love to try in the kitchen?

I want to use a dehydrator to figure out how to make raw tortilla chips – Just like the ones I get from a local place called Raw.

What recipe have you been dying to master but still can’t get exactly right?

All of them – I am not the best cook! And anything baked!

What 3 items can’t you live without?

  1. Running shoes
  2. My iPhone
  3. The internet.

What are you excited to or hope to achieve in 2015?

Keeping all of the great things in my life moving and in balance.

Any additional info/links you’d like to share?

I would love to test out and spread the word about awesome new Undiscovered Kitchen products. So far I’ve reviewed and supported Tasty Makes, Enerchi Bites and Yummari so far!

Erica is also a part of these organizations:



Evona is a passionate foodie, entrepreneur and the founder of Undiscovered Kitchen, a digital farmer’s market for small batch, specialty foods! She loves discovering new foods from around the country and talking to the artisans who make them.

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