ENERGYbits Uses Algae for the Ultimate High Protein, Low Calorie Snack

ENERGYbits Uses Algae for the Ultimate High Protein, Low Calorie Snack


ENERGYbits are a healthy, high protein and low calorie snack that delivers unlimited energy and wellness and contains only one ingredient: algae. Catharine Arnston started ENERGYbits in 2009, and the tabs have been popular among professional and Olympic athletes, as well as those who simply need an extra energy boost in their day.

Algae is a superior super food, with a protein content of over 60% and over forty vitamins and minerals. The list of benefits seems endless – from immune system strengthening and energy boosting qualities, to even reducing hangover symptoms, it seems that ENERGYbits do it all. Catharine uses two types of algae, chlorella and spirulina, both of which have extremely high concentrations of antioxidants, which means a lot of goodness in a little tab.

Chlorella Health Benefits

  • Helps prevent cols and viruses
  • Helps build immune system
  • Helps prevent hangovers
  • Helps longevity and wellness
  • Helps build RNA/DNA
  • Helps detox and cleanse
  • Helps digestion

Spirulina Health Benefits

  • Helps improve athletic performance
  • Provides physical energy
  • Provides mental wake up
  • Helps build muscle
  • Helps stop fatigue
  • Helps stop hunger
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Helps stop cravings
  • Healthy high protein snack
  • Helps wellness and longevity
  • Great replacement for animal protein or greens
  • Helps strengthen skin, hair, nails and bones


Tyler McGregor shares one example of how ENERGYbits fueled his sledge hockey season earning him the title of a 2014 Sochi Bronze Medalist Paralympian! Check out more testimonials from athletes and what this superfood has done for them.

Catharine not only believes in her product but eats 100 tabs of ENERGYbits and 75 tabs of RECOVERYbits every day!

ENERGYbits currently come in 4 varieties:

  • RECOVERYbits: 100% Chlorella algae; Help build immune system and absorb toxins; Best taken before bed or after drinking to avoid a hangover
  • ENERGYbits: 100% Spirulina algae; Give you fast and enduring physical and mental energy; Best taken in the morning or before any physical or mental activity that requires a lot of energy
  • VITALITYbits: 50% Chlorella algae and 50% Spirulina algae; Build immune system and provide energy; Can be taken whenever and serve as a great replacement for a one-a-day vitamin
  • SKINNYbits:100% Spirulina algae; Best before any physical activity and before or instead of meals to reduce appetite


Who are the business founders and when did you launch the business?


Catharine Arnston started ENERGYbits five years ago.

What inspired you to start your business?

Catharine was inspired to teach others about the healing power of food when her sister beat breast cancer with a combination of chemotherapy and a green plant based diet.

What was your AHA moment?

We realized that athletes enjoyed ENERGYbits not only for the nutritional boost, but also for the endurance boost it gives during performance. People are finally realizing how important nutrition is when it comes to performance, and are interested in moving away from the sugar and chemical filled options that are so popular. Until recently, there haven’t been many convenient fueling snack options that aren’t loaded with chemicals and sugar, so we’re proud to be one of those healthy alternatives!

Where do you currently make your product and how did you find the process of finding a kitchen to be like?

Our algae is grown hydroponically in Taiwan, one of the safest places to grow algae in terms of quality controls and water quality.

Did you have a background in the food/drink industry when you started? 

Catharine’s previous career was in Urban Design and Planning and International Business. She took her marketing knowledge and applied it to ENERGYbits!

What are some of rookie mistakes you made when starting out?

We learned quickly what works and more importantly, what doesn’t work about engagement on Twitter. Social media is all about fostering a community, rather than pitching your product, so the best way to find new customers is to actually have a conversation with people, rather than just promoting yourself and how awesome your product might be.

How do you stay motivated in the face of competition?

We’re on a mission to help people get healthier. Each testimonial we get fuels the fire.

What’s the strangest customer request or feedback you’ve gotten?

“My poop is green. Is that okay?” The answer is yes – that means you’re getting the nutrients from the algae!

Whats your main business goal for 2014?

Our main goal is to help athletes and every day consumers be healthier and more energized. We’re on a mission to help people get their health back, one bit at a time! One of our Olympic athletes recently called us her “health instigator,” and that’s a title we’re proud to hold. We’re all about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle!

Where do you see the business in 10 years?

We will hopefully be working with athletes and teams, and playing a role in corporate wellness programs all across the country.

What’s your team or company motto? 

Add more life to yours… one bit at a time.

Advice for someone with a great artisan food or drink idea?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! The best lessons can often come from what seems, at the time, like a failure or something negative.


Evona is a passionate foodie, entrepreneur and the founder of Undiscovered Kitchen, a digital farmer’s market for small batch, specialty foods! She loves discovering new foods from around the country and talking to the artisans who make them.

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