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  • Hello Evona!

    I ran across an article about you and your company in the Somerville Beat. I think your idea is so so wonderful and makes so much sense!

    To introduce myself My name is Nina Gallant and I am a food photographer here in Boston. I work with food entrepreneurs to develop beautiful and affective images of their products and process.
    I have been lucky enough to work with some very energetic and ambitious people as they launch their tasty creations into the marketplace. These are my people! They have vision, creativity, and imagination.
    Here is a link to my website in case you are curious:

    What I love about your site is that it fills a niche for these young businesses! I often attend the “happy hour” events at CropCircle Kitchen and every time I am greeted by new people who are on the verge of some large personal and business transition. I imagine that you have entrepreneurs at a variety of levels that engage with your site and are looking for another outlet to promote their products.

    I would love to talk to you about how I can expose my clients to your business and how I could be helpful to your clients as they are building their brands and identity. I love your idea, and I would love to share ideas!

    All the best,

    Nina Gallant

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