Chocolate + Energy + Fitness = Perfect Fuel Chocolate!

Chocolate + Energy + Fitness = Perfect Fuel Chocolate!

Perfect Fuel Energy Bites Undiscovered Kitchen Digital Farmers Market For Small Batch Artisan Food and GiftsYou may already know this but I’m a runner and enjoy training for things like 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and even have a triathlon under my belt (my favorite!) However, as runs get longer and training gets more intense, I struggle to restore and feed my body the energy it needs. Finally, my love for fitness and chocolate have collided! 

Introducing one of our favorite makers, Perfect Fuel Chocolate who recently expanded their line of Dark Chocolate Energy Bites – Healthy, nutrient-dense superfood chocolate made with only 5 simple & Certified Organic ingredients developed to support endurance and stamina!

Snack in the morning to start your day, during your 3pm afternoon slump or 30 minutes before a workout to help power you through without all the added caffeine, sugar or chemicals.

Perfect Fuel Energy Bites come in 3 flavors:

Dark Chocolate + Espresso Bites

Dark Chocolate + Chia Bites

Dark Chocolate + Ginseng Bites


Perfect Fuel Chocolate Co-Founder, Nicolas Warren, uses dark chocolate & ginseng as part of his triathlon training routine and to power up on race day. One night before his race in 2010, he realized he had forgotten his ginseng and in a panic drove for hours in search of his fuel. After an exhausting and rather unsuccessful search, he wondered how he could combine his two fuel favorites into one convenient snack. He teamed up with Miles Masci, who had experience in farming and cocoa production and Perfect Fuel Chocolate was born!

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